DjangoCon EU Geotracker

This is skeleton project for DjangoCon EU 2019 Geotracker.


Clone https://github.com/jtiai/dceu-geotracker repository.

Provided docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile will install everything needed.

You can alternatively install PostGIS natively. It should install required libraries.

Since geolocation requires HTTPS access you need to route your localhost somewhere. Checkout serveo.net https://serveo.net or ngrok https://ngrok.com that does it pretty easily.

You can also deploy to your own server/site but that’s not covered here.


Run migrations:

docker-compose run --rm web pipenv run python manage.py migrate

Create superuser:

docker-compose run --rm web pipenv run python manage.py createsuperuser

Start service:

docker-compose up

On a second window start serveo or ngrok and route localhost:8000 port to https-address.

Verify that you can connect from your mobile device to that address.

If everything works as expected you should see a map with “locate” button.

Note that mobile device may ask permission to share geolocation with your app. To make app work you need to accept it. Also it’s advised that you turn on GPS before launching your app in browser.


Create ticket in issue tracker.